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An intuitive, responsive, country-wide digital workplace solution.

Mineral Products Association (MPA) is the industry trade association for aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, dimension stone, lime, mortar, and silica sand industries. They cover 100% of UK cement and lime production, 90% of GB aggregates production, 95% of asphalt and over 70% of ready-mixed concrete and recast concrete production.

The Task

MPA had no intranet and were heavily reliant on emails. They went out to find a user-friendly and interoperable intranet that could connect employees and all tools they use. Through a sales process that included an extensive demo and security review, Mosaique was chosen to implement their new Igloo intranet.

the strategy

Meetings were held to evaluate MPA's needs and current challenges. From these, a workplace plan was developed that aimed to improve every aspect of MPA's workflow and collaboration. 

We built an intuitive igloo digital workplace that featured important tools such as a News area that showcased the company's latest news, as well as an embedded Twitter feed; location information pages for MPA's offices, allowing employees to access important information and policies that were specific to each site; and an employee corner containing new start information, health & safety guidance, and various handbooks.

the challenges

As a result of the pandemic, MPA needed to change the way they brought employees into the office and dealt with their time off. To tackle these challenges, Mosaique created bespoke integrations with Timetastic and Skedda. These tools allow MPA employees to book a desk at their offices and organise their holiday directly through their intranet.

the results

MPA's new Igloo intranet - named 'Bedrock' - proved to be an engaging and personal space for all employees. With a visually appealing and user-friendly UI, the digital workplace focuses on improving communication, sharing, and collaboration across the whole business, creating a closer working relationship across the entire team.

Bedrock continues to thrive and develop and is now an essential tool in the day-to-day working lives of all MPA staff.

If you would like to see the full MPA case study then take a look at this PDF:

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