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Collaborate with Mosaique to develop an enhanced Employee Communications Application

The traditional modes of operation are no longer effective. Work is no longer limited to desks, frontline settings or home offices; it occurs across various locations simultaneously. Now is the moment to bring your team is the perfect time to establish your Employee Engagement Hub.

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Deliver the Modern Employee Experience your Employees Need


The Best Team for the Job

At Mosaique, we take pride and invest our all into the assembly of top-tier industry talent. Every team member loves what they do, and that passion always shows in our work. We strive to push boundaries and create solutions that exceed expectations.


Comprehensive Intranet Solutions

Embark on your intranet journey with our full-service package tailored to your needs. From inception to implementation, we offer end-to-end support, encompassing design, hosting and beyond. With our dedicated team of seasoned professionals by your side, rest assured that assistance is always within reach as you navigate your intranet endeavours.


Crafted with Passion and Expertise

We fervently dedicate our time to craft the best intranet solutions for our clients, driven by our passion for the industry. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our team specialises in designing cutting-edge solutions. Always meticulously tailored to your unique requirements, we are consistently surpassing expectations.


An intranet packaged solution that enables employees to understand your goals, act on their work, and grow with the organisation.


Improve collaboration and communication


Make the most of your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace investments to streamline collaboration and communication


Leverage employee profiles enriched with key information from your HR and authentication systems to enhance communication targeting and personalisation


Embed real-time chat, video-conferencing, file-sharing and document management capabilities, in context


A hybrid workforce demands effective collaboration. Igloo creates a central location where your company can come together under a single digital roof and work efficiently.

Microlearning in the Flow of Work

  • Tailored Learning Paths in the Flow of Work: Deliver personalised microlearning paths that adapt to each employee's pace and performance.
  • Engagement Through Interactivity: Transform traditional learning into dynamic, social, and gamified interactions, increasing knowledge retention and performance.
  • Powerful, Data-Driven Analytics: Empower key stakeholders to make informed decisions about future training needs to align learning outcomes with business objectives

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Discovery & Needs Assessment

  • Understand the specific needs, challenges, and objectives of your business. 

  • Understanding the pain points related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and culture & engagement within your organisation.

  • Understanding how a new Intranet will work in the landscape of technologies in your organisation.


  • We customize the platform to meet specific needs, such as branding, user interface enhancements, or additional functionalities.

  • Provide documentation, tutorials, and support resources to help users navigate the platform.

  • 1:1 Training & development sessions with our team.


  • Develop custom integrations to solve specific user challenges.

  • A platform that grows with your business to meet the changing demands and needs.

  • Provide ongoing support to address any issues or questions that arise after the platform is live.


  • We help prepare you for launch through meticulous planning. A successful launch and be the difference between success and failure.

  • Extensive preparation for the launch by planning resources and key deliverables for the day of launch.

  • Make a big splash with the launch of your new Intranet on the day of launch.

Work Smarter with an AI-Powered Intranet

Redefine how employees engage, discover knowledge, and complete their work with an AI-powered intranet platform from LumApps. By integrating natural language processing and generative AI, we are revolutionising the employee intranet with an intuitive and personalized experience that boosts productivity and encourages continuous learning.

Our Work

Amrop Andi Intranet


Delivering a digital workspace solution for Amrop to replace an outdated legacy intranet - ANDI.

APR LLP Intranet


Digital workplace improves document and resource collaboration for UK-based legal service company.

Cavotec Intranet


Digital workplace transformation delivers fast ROI for global engineering company.

MPA Intranet


Digital workplace improves unity and collaboration for UK-based Professional Services business.


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