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Core Tools Driving the Mobile-First Digital Workplace

Mobilising Innovation

In the era of digital transformation, adopting a mobile-first approach is of strategic importance. Especially for organisations aiming to enhance accessibility, collaboration, and productivity.

How AI Can Innovate Business Operations

Revolutionising the Digital Workplace

AI stands as a linchpin in the evolution of the digital workplace, reshaping how businesses operate and employees collaborate.

A Partnership in Innovation


We are thrilled to share some exciting news for our team: Mosaique has officially partnered with LumApps, a market leading provider of innovative intranet solutions.

The Vital Role of Videos in Innovation

Transforming the Digital Workplace

In the realm of digital workplace innovation, the integration of video content has emerged as a transformative force. Video is constantly enriching communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing within organisations.

When and Where You Should Consider Professional Design

Design vs Designer

Design is the platform that gives form to creativity. In a world where everyone can be a designer, when and where is professional design most essential?

The Power of Nano Learning

Unleashing Digital Workplace Innovation

Nano Learning is a dynamic approach to learning, now becoming a core element in fostering constant improvement and adaptability in your digital workplace.


Small Business Marketing: A Juggling Act


For small businesses, marketing can seem like an endless mountain of work. You really need to know - what is right for me? It’s all about knowing your customer, knowing your market and focusing on the ways that your value can be best achieved.

Unpacking Gartner's Strategic Roadmap

What is the Digital Workplace of 2027?

The digital workplace is evolving amid demographic shifts, uncertainty over hybrid work as well as changing demands on IT. This roadmap describes the technology, talent and process changes that application leaders responsible for the digital workplace must address as they build their five year strategy.

Unlocking the Power of Atomic UI Design

Component-led user interface design principles

Explore Atomic UI Design principles, from "atoms" to "organisms," for consistent, scalable, and accessible interfaces. Striking a balance between uniformity and customisation, all in the pursuit of exceptional user experiences.


Is your brand outdated? (probably yes)

Knowing when a brand refresh is in order

Before committing to a brand refresh, you first need a clear understanding of what your brand is and represents. How has the way your audience interacted with your brand changed? And how have you moved with them?

Introducing Igloo Flex

Your Ultimate Solution for Workspace Flexibility

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, adaptability is key. Which is why we're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Igloo Flex. A game-changing software product designed to revolutionise the way we work and collaborate.

Internal communication: Selling the Brand from the Inside

Why internal connection is as important as external

Internal comms is often an afterthought for many businesses, with their external audience being the priority. But done right, internal communication can be your company's super power.