Interactive pos

The retail environment is constantly changing; brands are always looking to grab customer attention and create a unique in-store shopping experience. Karcher embraces this concept wholeheartedly, so they are always thinking about future technology and being 'one step ahead' across all of their product range. Karcher's vision is a new retail shopping experience based around the 'shop in shop’ idea. Our role was to create an interactive experience as a showcase to the display which would sit alongside demonstration areas of the High Pressure Washers and Window Vacs.

Task-led ui

The Virtual House we created lets the customer select a task around the house through a touchscreen interface: they can then view accessories relevant to the selected task. Alongside this, there is a range of ‘How to’ videos to help with the purchasing decision. Overall, the Point of Sale (POS) is a really immersive ‘hands-on’ experience. The feedback has been great from the retailers and their customers, resulting in increased sales of products and accessories, and a better brand-educated customer.

Giving our clients value is key in our initial thinking. With this in mind, we built this application in browser-based technology - which, put simply, meant Karcher could use it in-store on HD screens and online in Retailer brand shops using the same base programming, negating the need for us to build it for 2 environments.