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Gloucester County Council Restorative Practice


We worked with the Gloucestershire County Council Restorative Practice team to develop an ownable brand style. The brand refresh needed to have the ability to communicate and deliver Restorative Practice in a variety of situations and audiences. The challenge was to create something that was both professional and friendly, yet accessible from ages 4 to 19. As it is being implemented within schools, it also needed to be flexible enough for stakeholders to adapt and use themselves.


Relationships are fundamental to the way of working for the Restorative Practice team (RPT) at Gloucestershire County Council. This concept was central to the development of the logo. It represented the importance of relationships and a reminder that the journey isn’t always defined.


Characters and colour were the most unique elements in the development of the visual language. They were designed to help bring to life an array of experiences, situations, and emotions. The intention was to help communicate the complex range of emotions to children. We created a large library of characters alongside a wide range of emotions that can be used together or separate to suit all situations. They could act as a stimulus for discussion and create a wide range of tools that could be used within Restorative Practice.


Restorative Practice is a way to be, not a process to follow or a thing to do at certain times. It’s a term used to describe principles, behaviours and approaches which champion healthy relationships and a sense of community. Restorative Practice can resolve difficulties and repair harm where there has been conflict. It is a way of being with people. Primarily, to work with and alongside others to create sustainable change.

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