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Short-termism & Digital Fatigue


During the pandemic, there was a shift in the approach to marketing as it became imperative that companies respond to the new ever-changing and all-consuming environment. This is representative of a larger trend as we move towards short-termism - the excessive focus on short-term results at the expense of long-term interests.

The emphasis on needing to be current and react to a customer's immediate needs has come at the expense of long-term planning which creates a rich and satisfying user experience.

However, the brands with the fastest reaction don’t always pull ahead and often, responsiveness comes at the expense of creativity. We want to see proven results and personalised content that works.

With short-termism we are tempted to talk only directly about the product, service or available offers. It is easy to miss what makes a brand unique and separates it from the rest of the market.

This approach has its place and does work to feed immediate sales and conversions, but it doesn’t always add value to a brand’s longer term strategy. Especially when you are trying to attract an audience at the early stages of the sales funnel or not yet in the market.


In times of crisis, the marketing budget can sometimes be the first to go but companies that remained consistent in their branding were more successful throughout the pandemic. (Social Media Magnet & Marketing Week). The same is true for recessions (Venture Week).

It’s clear that strong communications accelerate brand growth even in crisis situations but it has to be the right communication for the right audience.

At Mosaique, we work hard to be the custodians of your brand, ensuring cohesion at each touchpoint. We understand that consistency and transparency are core to reinforce brand recognition and trust. 

Thinking creatively and remaining consistent are key to growing your brand but also to combat digital fatigue.


Digital fatigue is the sense of exhaustion that we feel after looking at a screen for too long. It may also apply generally to those who dwell in digital environments. Especially as we get exhausted by the overstimulation of social media, advertising and brand presence. We definitely get this on occasion!

Since 2021, this has become a larger issue for marketing teams as we’re competing to break through the digital noise.

Digital fatigue comes around when users feel disconnected from brands, especially when messaging starts to grow stale. Fresh ideas are evergreen.

Over time brand messaging tends to blend together as competitors share the floor. Marketers need to re-prioritise creativity in their work. Instead of churning out quick content for the sake of it, a careful creative direction can be appreciated by marketers and customers alike. 


More than ever, customers are expecting a greater connection with brands in order to stay loyal and engaged. This can vary from customer service to personalisation. You want your audience to say “they really know me."

The strongest marketing comes from organisations that use data and rich human insight to understand needs and translate them into actions and services. By producing considered content they can clearly communicate with their audience. 

Mosaique combine a data-driven and creative approach to demonstrate your distinct value to your audience. Distinguishing your brand from others is vital to creative longevity, especially as you grow with your customers. Even heritage brands that have been around for 100 years need to constantly appeal to new generations. They just have a history to back up their messaging!

Prioritising your customer experience can help you to cut through and make those meaningful connections that can grow your brand. By avoiding short-termism and focusing on your wider brand vision, trust can be built and maintained.


Mosaique are a full-service agency, meaning we cover pretty much everything you can think of. We are proud to offer so many wide-ranging in-house services. From print to digital, web development to 3D rendering - we can make your company shine.

As a rule of thumb, we collaborate to create fresh ideas that can transform your strategy and add value to your brand moving forward. No piece of work is singular, we consider the design, impact and longevity of our projects to ensure you are getting quality and long-term value. At Mosaique, we’re in it for the long haul.

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