Framed ATP PAD Animation

Tecman is a leading innovator in battery cell thermal management, working with automotive OEMs and suppliers as a trusted engineering and manufacturing partner. They specialise in developing advanced thermal management solutions that improve performance and extend cell life. They offer the potential to solve many of the thermal related challenges faced by the industry.

As manufacturers of framed Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) Pads, Tecman were able to develop a highly efficient manufacturing process to solve common challenges faced by battery pack manufacturers and Automotive OEMs.

Tecman needed an eye catching animation which introduced the solution to the market. It needed to communicate the core proposition of the offering.


The animation requirements were in two parts. Firstly we needed to create a 3D exploded version of the Framed ATP Pad, using this across a range of print and digital assets. Secondly, we needed to create the manufacturing process. Due to the confidentiality surrounding the solution, Tecman needed a bespoke 3D model created. This was in order to show the technically relevant aspects of the process without giving too much away.

We worked closely with the client to build the model from scratch. This involved ensuring that aspects such as size, features and functions were all correct.

As we created the model from scratch, the client was able to guide us through their requirements. Together we were able to achieve something that didn't exist anywhere else.


The solution was one of its kind. Therefore we needed to carefully strike the balance between explaining and being engaging. We achieved this by bringing the key benefits to life through animation, guiding the viewer through and keeping pace.

A voiceover was also created to give additional context to the solution. We designed the video to work equally well with and without sound. Thus guaranteeing us maximum use across all platforms.

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