Mosaique: A New Year, a New Brand

The sun is shining, and we have a new brand.

It’s been one of the worst Winters on record: rain, grey and even more rain which has bought back flooding memories of 2007. Fortunately our flood barriers were never tested and the flood waters didn’t get near.

In total contrast, inside chez Mosaique, it’s been a really buzzing place to be: a real hive of activity and anything but grey and dull!  Our ambitions to revisit the Mosaique brand has been on the agenda for 12 months or more and like all good internal projects, it’s been a bit of ‘bus-mans holiday’, or as I like to call it, ‘the creative grand tour’.

It’s been a great journey and the team have finally pulled it all together by working long hours, pulling together and being incredibly passionate about getting it absolutely perfect.

We are rolling out the new brand: the website, our office refurbishment and everything that goes, over the next few months. In fact, the work on the offices with the new brand refresh is nearly there: the new studio areas look smart and contemporary, a client chill out/ brainstorming and informal meeting zone, cozy meeting rooms, LED lighting - the lot. It looks amazing (dare I say it, nearly as good as the new Wynne Jones offices, which we were delighted to work on last year)

The new brand, in my opinion, is superb.

I could call it modern and contemporary - but what does that mean? It is certainly pushing brand and identity and you would expect this from a company that has been the ‘custodians’ of branding for over 30 years. Typographically, its random but at the same time very precise, it has iterations which don’t conform to aligned letters to spell our name but it’s always as clear as bell to read MOSAIQUE. Playful and colourful, unique and sometimes abstracted our creative team have delivered a brand, a logo and an identity that will continually evolve whilst always understanding its roots and core values.

Its application is just getting better and better. The basics like business stationery are smart and even our business cards go one step further by adding a soft feel finish (Velvet Lam if youre our Production Director Sinead) that adds yet another dimension to our brandtouch. I don’t think our policies, documents and invoices have ever looked so sick! Yep, I used the Sick word.

Our new office space oozes the new brand, white, clean walls, accents of grey splashed about and colours leaping out as well considered graphics applications look fresh, professional but friendly - most of all its home and we can all take ownership. That’s where brand extends beyond the logo; where our creatives see their hard work in application, our artworkers can be proud that its precise application is as it was designed.

It’s a space where creative thinking and strategy can flow like the volumes of water passing its doors last Autumn.

Finally, hats off to the digital team. Asking for a new website when you have masses of digital projects on for some of the World’s leading brands, is a big ask. But boy, have they delivered! They have again pushed the boundaries of web development and the new site leads from a strong visual identity and excellent user experience that navigates the user easily through the site.

Our front end developers have used cutting edge technologies which add a whole new meaning to CSS, javascript, angular whatever, the digital creatives pushed the boundaries of ‘the Art of the possible’ and our dev team delivered. Cutting edge animations that come to view in a whole manner of transitions, are clever and engaging and of course the backend guys have done what they do best. The engine is driven from our enterprise solution Umbraco so we are sustainable for many years to come.

Its great to see that our Digital Workplace Solution/Intranet, Igloo (for whom we are proud UK and European partners) has a pride of place and our single landing page now becomes like the rest of the sitecontent rich, news worthy and optimised. It’s a real investment which will deliver a return.

I think our new brand is not just a flagship piece of work but a total reflection of the quality that really shows the full service agency Mosaique are. I am proud to see our evolution over 30 years and even more excited to see that we are ever evolving.

There is as they say – No ‘I’ in TEAM but there is definitely an ‘I’ in – Innovation, Intelligence, and Investment.

None of the above is possible without the commitment, passion and desire to deliver our new brand values and the team at Mosaique, every one of them, has done so.

A big hats off and a big thank you.

We are well aware that we’re soft launching all of this but be assured we want everyone to see our journey and be part of it... so when the grey clouds have moved on and the sun reappears, we will invite our supply partners, great customers and friends of the family, to our opening event at The Old (New) Chandlery. It might be appropriate to actually use the volumes of water that surround us by taking a boat cruise but be assured a tour of the offices, some nice food and of course some time to relax with a glass of fizz or a nice ale will be ready for you.

We will keep you in touch over the next few months and would love you to be part of our journey.

I look forward to seeing you all soon and without a shadow of doubt, am proud of everything that has been achieved and all that will follow. Exciting times!

Best regards,

Paul Carter

Mosaique Chairman

PS I am well aware after 39 years in this industry – design can be subjective so please let me know your thoughts, your likes and dislikes, as all feedback is welcome and will be noted.


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