Igloo Win Story: Amagi Media Labs

A little about the client…

Amagi Media Labs was established around 15 years ago, and quickly became a cloud technology pioneer. Their work enables TV networks and content owners to launch, manage, distribute and monetize live, linear and on-demand channels across platforms, worldwide.

Where they needed our help

As Amagi offers a wide range of services, including three core business models for customers (SaaS, ‘BYO-Licence’, and fully managed), it was important to create a space where knowledge could be consolidated into a common knowledge repository that was accessible to the entire team.

The goal was to drive collaboration and ensure business continuity by having all relevant information collated as a single source of truth. 

Company culture was also a big factor for consideration; with new hires starting at the company post-pandemic, Amagi wanted to make sure they felt connected to their team while working remotely as many of them would not have met any other members of their team in person.

Creating a space for company-wide communications and leadership announcements was a step to ensure that this sense of culture was also felt by existing employees. The aim was to get all employees engaged and collaborating regardless of where they were working from.

So we got straight to work

We started by understanding more about what Amagi needed from Igloo - what were the problems, and how could we solve them? 

Consulting key stakeholders and business leaders was key, and together, we came up with the Igloo solutions to solve Amagi’s core business challenges: knowledge management and company culture.

Igloo’s wiki feature was used as the home for all relevant company materials, creating a structured, easy-to-use repository of information for all employees.

Igloo’s Team Room Solution was used to create rooms for various departments across the company, allowing for communication within, and between, departments. This was supported by the company directory solution that allows employees to find and contact each other, as well as learn more about their colleagues' working days. 

A newsroom area was also built out for company announcements, allowing staff from all parts of the organisation to communicate. 

Thank you

Thank you to Amagi’s team for all their help on this project and we look forward to working with them to continue to expand and grow their new Digital Workplace.