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Bring it to life in 3D

There is really no limit to what you can create in 3D. 

3D can be totally versatile. Loud statements can be made or subtle points highlighted. Stories told in forever streaming and constantly morphing text and imagery. A detailed visually striking immersive experience for the audience.

You can tell any story as you are not limited by what you can physically capture on film. No location, crew or time interruptions in your busy schedule to interview staff and customers. 

All it takes is an outline of the message or story you want to tell.

That’s why we’re lucky to have our fabulous pair, Joe and Melissa working hard in our animation team to help bring your visions to life.

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Joe is our head animator at Mosaique and has been with us for 10 years. Starting as an apprentice, Joe has become a talented animator working on a range of our clients from Sodastream to Karcher.

“I love helping the client get their voice heard through animation - personally, I love the process of seeing static storyboards become something real.”

Melissa completed the team in 2021 and is a whizz in 3-dimensional design and animation since she joined Melissa has worked on various character animation projects in the public and private sectors as well as working on projects for the likes of Spirax Sarco and Keter.

 “Building something in 3D allows you to do things that might not be possible in 2D… it's great because you can achieve high levels of detail.”


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