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Introducing Igloo Flex

Exciting News!

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, adaptability is key. Which is why we're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Igloo Flex. A game-changing software product designed to revolutionise the way we work and collaborate.

What is Igloo Flex?

Igloo Flex is an enterprise-grade intranet platform that is scalable to meet the diverse needs of desked, deskless or frontline employees. The software provides highly personalised experiences and equitable access to digital workplace resources. With more than two billion global workers in frontline roles, we have architected the Igloo Flex intranet platform to unify the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) across any work setting. Igloo Flex combines intuitive features and flexible capabilities to redefine how teams communicate, collaborate, and innovate.

💡 Key Features:

  • User Interface: A modern design with configurable themes, navigation, and global/custom page templates to ensure an improved employee experience on a desktop, tablet and/or mobile device. 

  • Personalisation: A productivity dashboard, intelligent indexing for better content discoverability and insights on trending content powered by Igloo’s recommendation engine. 

  • Analytics: Track employee journeys and feature usage of users, built-in sentiment analysis, plus user guidance and company onboarding. 

  • AI and ML: Advanced data models and AI to automate accurate employee content recommendations and insights. An ML-powered recommendation engine presents personalised content to employees, mines workplace data and materials. Such as handbooks and guidelines to automate employee queries. It also surfaces the most relevant information on demand. 

  • Dynamic Content: More tools and flexibility to create and deliver engaging material that connects to different audience segments.

  • Integrations: Igloo’s Digital Assistant provides a single and intuitive experience by integrating an organisation’s systems and tools to surface information, alerts, and tasks. Giving employees instant access to what needs their attention so they can be more productive, focused, and efficient. 

At Mosaique, we're committed to innovation and empowering businesses for success. Together, let's embrace flexibility, collaboration, and growth with the new Igloo Flex!

Learn more about how Igloo can enhance engagement and collaboration in your workplace here.

Igloo Flex