The massive success behind the brands of Jaguar and Land Rover has to be in part down to the company's realisation that customer loyalty is a key to future success.

Mosaique has worked with JLR for over 15 years and specifically in the after sales market. Seen by many as ‘not‘ the glory part of marketing, in our eyes we see it as critical. When you understand it fully it's incredibly rewarding. Our work in customer satisfaction started when floppy disks were about but we like to think we are a little more sophisticated now. Delivered through a very, very secure web portal and available as a mobile application, it covers most of the world's languages, so it's pretty clever.

Our online CSI tool kit helps to create customer loyalty – by measuring customer satisfaction. It provides JLR with a global view of their customers experience with the brands. Bill Gates once said “Find and empower the customers who will recommend you” That’s exactly what JLR does.