Birmingham will play host to the next IAAF World Indoor Championships at the Barclaycard Arena in 2018 on the 1st-4th March 2018. The City previously hosted the Championships in 2003 as well as the European Indoor Championships in 2007, in addition to the IAAF’s number one ranked Indoor Grand Prix for many years, giving the city a proven track record and pedigree in staging major championships.

 Our brief was simple - to create a user friendly, dynamic, visually appealing site which welcomes users to access event information, tickets news, and enjoy the exciting build up to this very prestigious event.

In building the site for Birmingham City Council we were careful to use the IAAF supplied event logo and Birmingham supplied ribbon graphic in ways that enhance the site’s aesthetic appeal and that does not impede our clients’ ability to use the comprehensive site content management system to load wide and varied site content subject matter as and when they choose to.

For a site that is likely to face times when it is very busy we have built in hosting capabilities that match its relatively complex needs.   


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