Taking centre stage at next year’s IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham will be one of Mosaique’s winning creations!

Ruby the Red Panda is the official mascot for the meeting, which will take place at the city’s Arena from 1-4 March 2018.

We created Ruby for client Birmingham City Council as part of the authority’s initiative to encourage more young people to get excited about the athletics and the event.

Our brief was to create Ruby as an illustrated character making sure that her facial features – eyes, nose and mouth – can communicate different emotions like enthusiasm, competitiveness and celebration.

We also had to make sure that we could show her athletic prowess by illustrating her engaged in a range of athletics events involving running, jumping and throwing.

Once our work was complete, the City Council commissioned a larger than life size Ruby mascot costume that will be used to promote the games over the next few months.

Ruby made her first ever public appearance at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in the summer, which is just a few miles from Arena Birmingham. The park was chosen as the ideal setting for Ruby’s unveiling as it is home to three red pandas, two adults, Mo and Amba, and their 11-month-old daughter Mambo. The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park breeds and protects the red pandas and has done since 2005.

Championships director Joan Durose explained why a red panda had been selected as the official mascot. “By having a red panda as our mascot, we hope to increase the profile of these beautiful animals and help raise awareness of the fabulous work that Birmingham’s very own Wildlife Conservation Park does to help protect them.

“Ruby gets her name from the gemstone, because of her sparkly personality and as a nod to the city’s famous Jewellery Quarter, as we’re keen to use Birmingham’s hosting of this major sporting championship as an opportunity to highlight some of the exciting visitor attractions that the city has to offer.”

Hannah England, who lives and trains in Birmingham and has won national titles indoors, helped to launch Ruby. She said: “Ruby is wonderful and I’m sure she is going to attract a lot of attention over the next few months.”