Haydon specialises in complex mechanical and electrical installations. Precision is everything in their work on large ‘design & build’ construction projects.

After our initial design review, Mosaique proposed a carefully considered suite of changes to introduce the precision Haydon needed, while keeping the best of their existing branding. The changes implemented gave Haydon a fully integrated range of colour, typography and graphics tools.

From the logo redesign to new literature, document templates, livery and, more recently, a content managed web presence, the design house style has transformed how Haydon presents itself. With the changes in place, and supported by a full package of design, copy, artwork and photography; Haydon’s new marketing assets enjoy a focus and impact that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

Above all, an appreciation that coherent design ultimately underpins the ability to attract new work has helped Haydon maintain its position in an ever-tougher market place.