Increased workloads and pressure on local government spending, means progressive regional administrative bodies like the Gloucestershire County Council see the need to engage with their local communities to discuss and decide where the focus on spending should be.

Our ‘together we can’ campaign attempts to add warmth to the delivery of key service support information in a delicately balanced and light hearted way.
Using simple line illustrations, script fonts and a gentle, informal copy style, we want to leave viewers with a better knowledge of what our Client does that, not only enables them to make better, more informed decisions, but that also makes them smile.

Right now it’s early days for this project. So far our work has involved the production of campaign branding, literature, display materials, YouTube loaded animated stories and a website.

Deadlines have been a little challenging, but we are very grateful to have had the chance to work on such a visible local project, thank you Lisa and the team at GCC!