With the experience gained on a wide range of digital marketing briefs over the past couple of years the team at Mosaique are very used to developing website design solutions equipped with responsive templates.

What was lovely for us about our work with Pippa, Emily and Claire at the British Equestrian Federation on this project was their clear understanding of how they wanted to categorise the vast amounts of news, event and team related information on the new site’s front end.

The resulting busy site is loaded with banner, news, landing page and social media design devices that give Pippa and her team the compartmentalised facilities they need to say all that they need to in ways that can prioritise content where necessary.

At Mosaique we really try to make sure we stay on the pulse where new digital technologies are concerned and like to think the web solutions we provide - front end and through our preferred Umbraco CMS  - give our clients all the advantages available where user experience and site management are concerned. What we thoroughly enjoyed and learned from on this project was the Client team’s professional know-how where framing content to get the most from social media activity is concerned.