The team GBR website provides up to the hour information about everything our top equestrian athletes are doing. The site provides information across a number of disciplines that have enjoyed great success on the Olympic, World and European stages and delivered many medals over the years.

The website, driven by our CMS, delivers rider profiles, upcoming events, news and riders we should keep our eye over the next few years. The site is heavily branded Team GBR and flies the flag for the best of British when it comes to equestrian sport. One of the first UK bodies to really embrace the Great in Great Britain and that’s why it is top of the Team GBR listings.

Easy to navigate, the Team GBR website doesn’t just look great, it functions superbly. It has to as it receives thousands of hits daily and be assured, when there is a big event approaching, it gets very busy so our hosting team has to be really on the ball.
Don’t even mention the 2012 Olympics... but all was well with our site.