CLICOLOGY-thumb-02.pngWhen you are building your brand you need to know what customers really feel about you.  You need to know about any issues quickly. Delays can swiftly strike a negative blow to your reputation.

You may also want to let customers know about new products, add-ons, extra services or special offers. Transactions that can turn one-off purchases into repeat sales and buyers into loyal ambassadors.  That's what you'd call effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

But getting direct access to customers isn't always easy when you're not the one selling your product. Reliance on a retailer, distributor or dealer means you need a way of getting to your customer efficiently and consistently.

Clicology provides that route.

Developed by Mosaique's own in-house technology and design experts, Clicology is a software tool which gives you an insight into what your customers really think. After generating bespoke questionnaires, the software automatically interprets the results and prompts a course of action.

The original concept behind the system was developed by Mosaique in the context of the automotive industry, for a luxury automotive brand so they could effectively monitor the performance of their dealer network in 25 countries and 30 languages across the world.

So what makes Clicology different? There's nothing new in surveying customers.  But a system that instantly interprets the data, and proposes next steps so businesses can react without delay, is an innovation to get excited about.  

To learn more about Clicology call Paul Carter on 01684 292552 or email


Mosaique are investing to help fund the growth of Clicology.