Working with a very digital savvy team at the client we set out to create the simplest, most user intuitive way to structure access to what is a vast library of different mapping tools.

From the start we knew we would be able to design and build the whole 'bookstore' front end of the site, but were also very aware that the e-commerce facility would exist outside of our site and could only be accessed through close site links.

Our solution provides users that know what they want with fast, easy access to the maps they need through a postcode search. For those that want to truly understand the range of mapping available the site front end presents the full scope of possibilities in a fresh, fun, engaging way.

The site's CMS enables the client to hero new products as and when they come along using a range of banner opportunities.

Where the new branding style is concerned we have tried to use the logo, photography, colour scheme and heading styles to do justice to the warm, professional, slightly map obsessed way the CentremapsLIve team go about their work