In designing new company literature for oak-framed house-builder Border Oak, the challenge tends to lay not only in the design solution, but in working closely with a strongly-design-oriented client who produce superb results with a raw material they understand intimately.

At the heart of our challenge was a very demanding brief to show how both traditional and contemporary design elements can work with vernacular timber-framed building. We needed to assertively, yet sensitively, provide design consultancy to an already design skilled client. Through thorough consultancy, deep client understanding and design work involving well thought-out graphics, typography, layout and copywriting (Border Oak supplied the photography), we like to think we managed to achieve a blend of old and new that the client desired.

Ultimately, we hope our commitment to build and develop a solid, enduring client relationship has paid off. The results seem to be widely acclaimed and have opened the way for us to provide more assistance to Border Oak that has included supplementary literature as well as the company’s current website.