We have worked with Barnwood for more than 20 years. In that time we have seen them grow from a Gloucester city building & shopfitting company into the important regional & UK wide construction and interiors organisation they are today.

Over the 2 decades we have continually developed brand assets evolving a distinctive, precision based design style whilst being careful to always maintain a high level of orangeness hard to miss on construction site signage if you are travelling through cities within a 50 mile radius of Gloucester.

The work shown illustrates a website design style launched this year, 2018. The site’s design style is maintained across 3 company sites; one for Construction, a second for Shopfitting and the third for General Works. All 3 sites benefit from an easy to use, open platform Umbraco content management system that allows those tasked to add project and news content easily.

The UX is driven by a desire to hero Barnwood’s beautiful construction and interiors work sector by sector & project by project.

Loaded with lots of lovely photography the sites say what they need to about the professional, caring way our Barnwood clients manage their work whilst framing and presenting project pictures beautifully.