In April 2018, AIPEX, a market leader in pan-European IP solutions management, entrusted Mosaique with the development of its new website. The website provides a highly visual new design, consistent with AIPEX’s leading market position and offers a straightforward user journey as prospective clients start their relationship with Netherlands-based AIPEX and its pan-European office network.

As we were working with one of the AIPEX founder members, Wynne Jones in the UK, Mosaique seemed the obvious choice to totally re design and develop a Content Managed Solution (CMS).

A key gateway to AIPEX IP portfolio management solutions

The new website is a key support tool for AIPEX as it helps clients address the challenges of an increasingly complex, sophisticated and uncertain European geopolitical and intellectual property landscape.

Two key functions

The new website has two primary functions:

It showcases the AIPEX offer, services and industry communications in one central online location. As such, it is a clear, easy to use reference point for clients and prospects and built with the latest fast, easily-navigable architecture.

Its also vitally supported by professional search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This aspect is arguably the most important. Most people seeking bespoke IP management solutions will search online. Because of this, the new website was designed to ensures visitors rapidly find and understand the key AIPEX differentiators and make it simple for them to contact AIPEX via its single service and support gateway.

The new website is consistent with the AIPEX commitment to simplify pan-European IP portfolio management. And to free clients to focus on other business activities.

Considerable thought and effort to help clients

Speaking at the launch of the new website, Ms Babs Meijer, AIPEX Marketing & Development Manager said:

‘We’ve put considerable thought and effort into the new website at Our main objective was to ensure that it gives reassuring, relevant information. And fast access to our proven IP portfolio management. The sooner we can begin a conversation, the sooner we can help businesses make the most of their valuable IP portfolios in European markets.’

AIPEX Elevator Pitch… Going up!

Mosaique also helped AIPEX launch a concise, powerful elevator pitch/infographic for its website and business presentations. This multimedia tool impactfully demonstrates AIPEX capability and convenient one-stop pan-European IP management solutions. It also reflects the importance of animation and multimedia in today’s sophisticated digital age.

The elevator pitch captures the essence of the AIPEX offer in a couple of minutes. It features on the new AIPEX website that was launched at the company’s Cross-Country Conference in Rotterdam in April 2018. 

As well as a central role on the website, the animated infographic will be available to hundreds of 500 AIPEX IP professionals when presenting to prospective clients.

Announcing the launch of the new elevator pitch at the AIPEX Cross-country Conference 2018, Ms Babs Meijer, AIPEX Marketing & Development Manager said:

‘This is a classic example of a powerful, high-impact, ice-breaking tool. It summarises AIPEX capability as an experienced provider of bespoke IP management solutions for multinationals operating across Europe Mosaique made the whole process simple and are a great team to work with.”