Quality of Work Improvements with Timetastic

Mosaique have been using Timetastic for over two years. The holiday booking and time off management tool is one of our favourite management apps, and we frequently recommend it to our clients.

Previously, we had managed time off through a shared spreadsheet that staff members could edit, with line managers approving requests by email. It was a painfully slow process, and we quickly sought out alternatives.

With Timetastic, everything is tied together in a single easy to use interface. 

Staff members can see a calendar overview of the month and year, allowing them to easily co-ordinate holiday with team members - which in turn lets line managers and directors identify crunch times where certain departments might have a lower capacity than normal. 

"I can’t recommend Timetastic enough - it has saved me personally so much time over the past few years. I love the fact that you can adjust each employees holiday allocation individually, amend the line managers sign off to holidays, add in sick leave and other days (for example - bereavement leave) separately. It is easy to navigate and simple to use; I constantly recommend it to colleagues and friends."

Sinead Willetts
Director, Mosaique

Timetastic makes scheduling holiday a breeze


Requesting holiday is as simple as clicking a date, and approving it is just as easy - you click a button. Each staff member can be assigned a set amount of days off, which helpfully appears next their avatar (so no one is ever unsure of how many days of holiday they have remaining).

During a recent intranet development project, our client requested an easy way to manage holidays and time off for employees. The business in question was a global network of legal professionals, spread across several locations and 7 different timezones, so the tool had to be easy to use and cut through the noise.

Meysan & Partners makes use of a bespoke Timetastic integration


To solve this, we developed a custom integration that tied into the Timetastic API and blended in seamlessly with the intranet itself - allowing users to see active holidays, browse the staff calendar and request holiday from the intranet itself. 

By combining the straightforward approach of Timetastic with the all-in-one functionality of a bespoke intranet, we created a solution that ensured users 

This more accessible approach to time off management has greatly reduced what used to be a finicky process. For a fast moving company  like Mosaique, streamlining our admin tasks translates directly into performance gains, and that's exactly what Timetastic helps us achieve - for both ourselves and our clients.



Elliott Bear

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